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Social and Cultural Programs

Social and Cultural Programs

Capitol Hill Village sponsors and recommends many programs, lectures, and other events each month. Some are for members only; others are for members, social members, and other interested persons. For the latter category, members are encouraged to bring friends and neighbors to the program in order to introduce them to Capitol Hill Village.

A list of current events and programs, sponsored or recommended by CHV, is maintained on the CHV website. Capitol Hill Village News, posted each month, includes a complete calendar of events. Weekly reminders of events are e-mailed each Monday to all on the CHV database with e-mail.

Examples of programs and events offered by CHV include the following:

Games and Recreation

Know-your-neighborhood walks; yoga, pétangue, and Gigong; group tickets to sporting events

End of Life Planning

Estate planning and wills, living wills and advance directives, long-term care insurance

Managing Your Health

Medical advocacy, avoiding accidents in the home, emergency medicine, using a personal trainer

Managing Your Household

Organizing your things and avoiding clutter, adapting your townhouse for disabilities, arranging for a reverse mortgage, making a photographic history of your house

Theater, Film, and Music

Discount tickets to theaters and concerts; sing-alongs, talks on film and theater, in-house concerts

Literature and History

Authors' readings, genealogy interest-group gatherings, monthly literary club

Cooking and Social

Potluck suppers at members’ homes, restaurant tasting parties, gatherings to watch sporting events

National Village Exchange

The National Village Exchange (NVE) offers Village members the ability to participate in programs and access travel information resources of other Villages during a member’s travel around the country. Currently nine Villages across the country are participating in the NVE.

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