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Vetted Vendors


When a qualified volunteer is not available to respond to a request for service (for plumbing, roofing, or electrical work, for example), Capitol Hill Village will recommend a professional vendor based on a preferred-vendor list of businesses that have been selected from those regularly recommended by members. When a preferred provider cannot be identified, CHV will review those included in the Washington Consumers’ Checkbook on-line listing of those willing to come to Capitol Hill.

Home Maintenance Inspection

To assist CHV members who would like to have a full home inspection, CHV recommends a professional service provider who offers a thorough assessment and a full report that includes photographs and explains what repairs are necessary. CHV members are charged a reduced fee of $110 for this service, thanks to the generosity of a commercial vendor, USInspect, and a CHV volunteer, realtor Jason Martin.

Member Advocacy

Capitol Hill Village will talk to vendors on your behalf, serving as an advocate to negotiate the planning and execution of your projects and helping with any problems that may arise.

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