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Endowment Trust

Capitol Hill Village Endowment Trust

In March 2010, the Capitol Hill Village Board of Directors established an Endowment Trust, providing a vehicle for members and supporters to ensure the survival and vitality of Capitol Hill Village for many years to come.

The fund was established through the donations of several founding members of Capitol Hill Village. Shortly thereafter, a generous bequest from the estate of Capitol Hill Village member Elizabeth Stein (pictured here) substantially increased the fund. “Mom loved living on Capitol Hill as her community, and she felt Capitol Hill Village is a wonderful extension of that community,” said Stein’s daughter, Dia.

William H. Phillips, previously a member of the Village Board of Directors, serves as investments advisor and manages the trust’s funds. “The endowment will provide structure and impetus to solidify the financial support needed to assure the permanence of the Village in our lives and in the Capitol Hill community,” said Larry Molumby, a founding Village Board member and its first treasurer.

The Village Board has adopted the policy that all bequests and gifts given in memory of a Village member shall be paid to the Endowment Trust. In order to promote the growth of the Endowment Trust, only investment income will be turned over to Capitol Village for general operations. “The Village promises to provide services to members, and members make decision about their lives based on those promises,” says Trudy Peterson. “An endowment allows the Village to keep its promises by helping smooth out the ups and downs of daily cash flow.”

Please call the Capitol Hill Village office to discuss outright gifts, life-income gifts, and estate gifts with the Board president or the Executive Director. Learn how you can ensure the future of Capitol Hill Village and enhance the lives of Capitol Hill residents by contributing to the Capitol Hill Village Endowment Trust.

CHV Endowment Board of Trustees


Nicholas Alberti served as a mathematical statistician for the US Census Bureau for more than 30 years, responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of survey methodology. He is a member of the DC Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, a commissioner of the 6A Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and chair of the North Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association.


Todd Cymrot, son-in-law of longtime Capitol Hill activists Steven and Nicky Cymrot, is the property manager for Lincoln Towers, a small commercial and residential real estate company on Capitol Hill. He also serves on the board of the Capitol Hill Community Foundation where he oversees all education grants.


Frank Guzzetta began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer. Eventually, he became president of the Hecht Company, and then of Marshall Fields, in Chicago. Currently, he is president of Ralph Lauren Home Furnishings Division. In Washington, DC, he has been an active supporter of a number of arts projects.


Albert B. Crenshaw retired from The Washington Post in 2006 after 34 years of service. During his time at the Post he was variously a reporter, assistant national editor, night national editor, and assistant financial editor. From 1987 until 2006 he wrote a personal finance column that appeared in the Post's Sunday Business section.


Trudy Peterson is a certified archivist, and has served as acting Archivist of the United States; a commissioner with the US-Russia Joint Commission on MIAs/POWs; archivist for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees; and executive director of the Open Society Archives.

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