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Becoming a Member

Capitol Hill Village offers the following opportunities:

* Social Activities: a range of social, cultural, wellness and hobby activities run by members. There are social activities daily.

* Educational Programs: wellness, current events, technology training, and other issues. Formats, themes and frequencies vary, but CHV averages more than one educational program a week.

* Civic Engagement: Seniors volunteer across the community, on advisory boards, with community members, and conduct hands on projects from gardening to home repairs, to tutoring and cultural documentation.

* Volunteer Services: CHV members benefit from a range of volunteer services including driving, technology assistance, household help, errand running, legal and financial advising and more. Social members do not receive volunteer services.

* Care Services: Capitol Hill Village has professional social workers and a cohort of trained volunteers who coordinate care for seniors, ensure in-home safety, and provide assistance, support and resources to families. Social members do not receive Care Services.

Capitol Hill Village is open to anyone residing within our service boundaries: H Street NE to M Street SE; North and South Capitol Streets to 19th Street, SE and NE. There is no age limit. There are three types of membership

Membership Categories

Regular Membership

Regular members pay dues to cover services and referrals provided by Capitol Hill Village, as well as program and administrative expenses. As of January 1, 2017, dues are $625 for individuals and $925 for households.

Social Membership

Social members access the social and educational programs but do not access care services, vetted vendors or volunteer services. As of January 1, 2017, dues are $625 for individuals and $925 for households and the dues amount may be listed as a federal tax charitable deduction.

Urgent Membership

Individuals who need immediate Care Services and are just joining CHV are considered urgent members. Members qualify as urgent members through an assessment to determine their level of need. Assessments in this category are given each year until Care Service needs are reduced. As of January 1, 2017, costs for urgent membership are $900 for individuals and $1,350 for households.

Subsidized Membership

Capitol Hill Village has reduced fees for moderate and low income community members. Eligibility for reduced fees begins at annual income of $48,000 or lower. Home investments are not considered in eligibility.

Click here to view a chart showing the membership categories and rates.

Click here to view and/or download the membership application form, a payment options form, and other forms that may be needed. All forms are contained in a single PDF.

Is Capitol Hill Village Right for You?

* Retired and seeking new friends and activities

a monthly calendar of events and activities, including lectures, theater and museum visits, potluck suppers, walks, book club gatherings; volunteer opportunities that lead to new friendships

* Getting older and in need of occasional help so you can stay in your own home

in-home assistance with daily chores; referral to professional Home Care Assistance professionals; transportation to and from appointments of any sort technical advice and assistance with computers, TVs, and other electronic equipment

* Health, Social & Long-term care navigation

assistance to members and their families at critical moments to provide care navigation and expert advice on health, social, and long-term care needs

* Single and living alone

regular social and cultural programs; opportunities to meet new people who share your interests; help with tasks around the house too big to handle alone

* Don’t want to bother friends and family with routine requests for help

“Rise and Shine” program that partners members who share a daily check-in phone call; convenience services of any sort when you are unable to keep up with multiple commitments, family emergencies, out-of-town travel, or other circumstances

* Value the advice and counsel of knowledgeable friends and associates

informative talks and lectures on a variety of topics; informed discussions on matters pertaining to aging and retirement; legal and medical advice and advocacy

* Recently moved to Capitol Hill

a variety of opportunities for meeting your new neighbors; advice on professional services, including plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc.; information on the many organizations and activities available on the Hill, including the Library of Congress, the Folger Shakespeare Library, the Southeast DC Library, the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, the Atlas Theater, and many others

Do You Need Services Immediately?

If you are not currently a member but have health, household or family crisis and need immediate support, you can join as an Urgent Member. Urgent Members are given a professional assessment to determine their needs and pay an elevated rate of $900 for individuals and $1,350 for households. To learn more, contact CHV offices directly at (202) 543-1778.

How do we define urgency? CHV staff will assess new members needing care services to determine the urgency of their needs. An assessment will be given annually until the member no longer needs care services. The process is thus: new members receive a 30-60 minute overview about Capitol Hill Village and determine whether or not they are interested in joining. If they are interested in joining and need care service, CHV staff will conduct an intake assessment that includes a home visit. Factors that are measured to determine the urgency of need include: physical home environment and safety, cognitive state, physical and mental health issues, nutrition, mobility, and other factors.

Resources and Referrals for the Broader Community

Capitol Hill Village will make its resource and referral services available to non-members for $75 an hour, beginning April 1, 2016. These services are available for any resident within our boundaries—such as a seniors whose children may or may not live on Capitol Hill, or an adult child who lives on Capitol Hill but whose parents do not. This service is provided on an “as available” basis. The services will be scheduled and coordinated, not provided on a drop-in basis or in crisis (e.g., family is being discharged from the hospital today).

Services may include the following:

1. Resources and referrals for legal, medical, health, documents. This includes explanations, referrals and articles, etc. It can also include connections/introductions to service providers. It may include research on providers outside of DC.

2. Senior family planning: working with families to facilitate family conversations, provide counseling services and referrals/recommendations. This may include a home visit (on Capitol Hill), research on resources outside DC, facilitation among various family members.

3. Transition Planning: Support to families whose members are going from hospital to rehabilitation facility, or from rehabilitation to long-term nursing care, or from home to assisted living.

These new methods are meant to provide services for Capitol Hill residents across the community in new and dynamic ways. It will put Capitol Hill Village in a position to expand dialogue about longevity and aging in community.

How to Join

By Mail

To become a member of Capitol Hill Village by mail, print and complete the Membership Application Form and return it to the office with your payment.

Capitol Hill Village
725 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Online with Credit Card

To become a member of Capitol Hill Village using a credit card, click on the appropriate "Credit Card" button below. This will take you to a secure site where you can safely purchase your CHV membership with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit card. You may also pay with a debit card or enter your bank information to have the dues debited directly from your account.

Individual regular membership $625/year..... Click here to pay by

Urgent Membership

$900-individual or $1,350-household. Please contact CHV offices if you need to join with urgency. We will guide you through this process. Phone us at (202) 543 1778.

Individual social membership $625/year..... Click here to pay by
This membership is tax deductible with no access to service and referrals.

Household regular membership $925/year..... Click here to pay by

Household Social membership $925/year..... Click here to pay by
This membership is tax deductible with no access to service and referrals.

Subsidized Members Financial
Assistance Program

To ensure inclusivity, Capitol Hill Village has sliding-scale subsidized membership,and established the Stephen C. Rogers Memorial Fund. Please see the last page of the membership application, available at the upper right hand corner of this page, for information on income guidelines and fees.

CHV's Executive Director administers the program. The Board of Directors requires that the Executive Director review documents (e.g. most recent tax forms) to establish proof of eligibility. This information is confidential.

Contact us: 202-543-1778 | info@capitolhillvillage.org
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