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Services We Provide

Services We Provide Our Members

For Capitol Hill Village members, help with the needs and problems of daily life (or a social night out) is a single phone call or e-mail message away. Make it a habit to call the Village first to discuss your needs with the Executive Director or a volunteer, whatever they may be. Below is a list of frequently requested services.

Convenience Services

Sometimes, although a member is capable of performing a particular task, he or she is unable to do so because of multiple commitments, family emergencies, scheduling problems, out-of-town travel, or some other circumstance. Volunteers are available to run errands, care for pets, wait for a repairman or delivery, or perform other routine activities that have become too complicated or difficult for a member to handle alone.

Electronics and Computers

Help with vexing electronics and technology issues, including computer set-up and management, and programming thermostats, DVDs, phones, and clocks.

Financial Assistance & Tax preparation

Advice and assistance on matters of financial management such as monthly budgets, bill paying, mortgages, and tax preparation. Volunteers will serve as advocates should a misunderstanding or disagreement arise between a member and a commercial vendor or government agency.

Gardening Advice and Help

Volunteers will water outdoor gardens or indoor houseplants, offer gardening advice, and do light weeding and planting. If the member prefers, CHV will recommend a landscape professional.

Home Care Assistance

When CHV members require personal in-home care on a regular basis or over an extended period, CHV refers them to a fee-for-service home-care agency. Available services include bathing, dressing, feeding, and walking (activities of daily life, or ADL). The agency usually has a minimum requirement of four hours per day. Please call the office to discuss cost and other arrangements.

Light Home Maintenance

Volunteers are available to help with routine paper work; minor household chores and simple repairs; shoveling walks; meal preparation; mailing packages; disposing properly of hazardous waste; organizing “stuff”; and getting rid of clutter.

Medical Advice and Advocacy

CHV presents a series of programs, lectures, and training sessions on such topics as preparing for medical emergencies, arranging for in-home medical care or visits, and safeguarding the home so as to prevent falls and other accidents. Several CHV volunteers can discuss medical conditions with members and thus help to prepare them for visits to their regular doctors or to the hospital for an operation. At the member’s request, a volunteer will accompany a member to a medical appointment; ask questions and take notes; and review pertinent information and instructions with the member.

"Rise and Shine" Program

“Rise and Shine” is designed primarily for CHV members who live alone and want to receive a daily phone call to inquire whether they are all right. Participating members are paired with a Capitol Hill neighbor, and the two become “Rise and Shine” partners. Each day, at a mutually agreeable time, one partner calls the other according to a predetermined schedule, and they share a brief telephone conversation. If the scheduled call is not answered, the member making the call notifies the CHV office, and that sets in motion a series of steps, including a follow-up call. If needed, a CHV volunteer makes a home visit to determine if further steps are necessary.


Volunteer drivers are available to pick up members, take them wherever they wish go, and return them to their homes. When appropriate, drivers will assist the member to and from the front door and help carry groceries or packages into the house. Typical destinations include grocery stores, doctors’ offices, meetings, and social and educational events on or near Capitol Hill.
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