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Community Advocacy

Community Advocacy

Capitol Hill Village advocates for its members at the individual and local-community level to ensure access to appropriate healthcare, legal advice, and reliable vendor services. We address the particular needs of our members, in negotiating the complex world of health care, arranging for legal advice, and stepping in to help with negotiations if a member finds fault with the work performed by a contracted commercial vendor.

Sometimes advocacy programs, designed to serve our members, in fact benefit the entire Capitol Hill community. For example, we have encouraged the developments of accessible, one-level housing options on or near Capitol Hill, constructed according to standards of “universal design.” An on-going initiative seeks to coordinate with a commercial firm (the Greenhouse Project) and other nonprofits in the DC area to bring resident-friendly skilled nursing homes to the District of Columbia. We have worked with the DC Office of Planning on this project, as well as on the Age-Friendly Cities initiative of the World Health Organization, and proposed senior-friendly zoning regulations for parking in new buildings constructed in the city.

Beginning with small-group presentations on particular topics, from health care to legal matters (such as hearing loss, prostate cancer, preparing a will and other end-of-life documents, financial management), CHV has produced several successful educational seminars, with local authorities addressing various aspects of a complex topic. Examples include “Housing Options on Capitol Hill” and “Successful Aging.” CHV understands that advocacy for our members on these issues results in a benefit for the entire Capitol Hill community, and a number of our informational programs have been open to the public.

In coordination with the national Village-to-Village network, we promote the role and function of “village” organizations as leaders of the aging-in-place movement, and foster vital links between city offices and neighborhood constituencies.

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