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Thank you for Supporting
Capitol Hill Village!

Capitol Hill Village Donation Overview

Capitol Hill Village is a charitable organization and appreciates all donations to
support our growth and expanded services and programs. Here are some examples
of what your donations support:

  • $50 supports the recruitment and training of a volunteer to provide a month of
    services including driving, help with household tasks, friendly visits and more.

  • $100 supports a month of care services and coordination to a high-need
    member in medical crisis.

  • $250 supports a monthly educational program that provides health, nutrition,
    financial and legal information, skills and resources to seniors, helping them age well
    in their community

  • $1000 supports care management of a low income member in crisis for a year.

    Your Donation can be directed to one of three areas in service to seniors:

    Rogers Fund Donations
    Provides resources for low income community members including care coordination, emergency funds, health and nutrition counseling and transportation support.

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    Essential Program Support Donations
    Supports program development, community-wide education and engagement, volunteer management and building Capitol Hill Village’s role in the evolving local, regional and national conversations around America’s longevity trend.

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    Capitol Hill Village Endowment Trust Donations
    Supports the long term sustainability of the organization to ensure we are here for years to come.

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    Other donations: If you are interested in other donation methods such as stock donations or planned giving as a part of your estate, please contact: Molly Singer, Executive Director, at msinger@capitolhillvillage.org or at (202) 543 1778.

    Please Include the Village in Your Year-end Giving!

    A donation the the CHV Annual Fund. Click the donate button below to pay by credit card.
    Or you can mail a check, noting that your gift is for the Annual Fund, to:
    Capitol Hill Village, 725 8th St SE, Washington DC 20003.

    Create a Recurring Donation.

    We are glad to set up a recurring donation for you charged to a credit or ATM card. Please call our offices and speak to Molly Singer (202) 543-1778.

    We appreciate any support you can provide.

    If you prefer, do it the old-fashioned way and mail a check and indicate your area of support:
    Capitol Hill Village
    725 8th St SE
    Washington DC 20003

    Other contribution methods

    The Capitol Hill Village CFC number is 55474

    This is the way I want to live as a member of a community, active and engaged. The Village is the perfect forum for me to express this ideal.

    CHV is proud to have been selected for the 2015-2016 Catalogue for Philanthropy

    The Capitol Hill Village United Way number is 8066

    CHV is proud to have been selected for a Grant from the MAXIMUS Foundation

  • Contact us: 202-543-1778 | info@capitolhillvillage.org
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